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The higher the traffic to your Web site, the more accurate your analysis of global trends in visitor behavior. Frequently Israel Englander has said that publicly. Fewer visitors, can distort the analysis. The aim is to use traffic statistics to derive their Web site if it is working well or badly for the visitors. One way to determine this is to find how long on average your visitors spend on your site. If the time is very short stay there, that would indicate an underlying problem. So the challenge is to figure out what that problem.

It could be that your keywords are leading to its Web site the wrong type of visitors, or that your graphics confuse or intimidate the visitor, making the quick release of the site. Use the data on how long visitors are spending on your site to pinpoint specific problems, and after you fix those problems, continue researching the same thing, to know how long they stay and whether the steps you took were effective. Additionally, statistics on traffic to your Web site can help you determine the effective and ineffective areas of your site. If you have a page you think is important, but visitors hardly look at it and go quickly, that page needs attention. You can, for example, consider improving the link to that page, most notably by placing a link that will attract your audience, you can improve the appearance of the page, or give them more facilities for visitors to gain access to necessary information on that page.

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