Web Styles

The creation of a Web site is a delicate task that requires detailed planning of all activities that will be carried out, for this Advisor of computing work .com suggests the following steps for the creation of a web site: analysis design development evaluation on implementation planning gives you the best guarantee that your project meets your goal and are ready on the date scheduled. Second stage: the second stage design is the design. Once the analysis is complete, you create the skeleton of the site, i.e. the main structure that will make up, yet without the content in detail. It is a general schema. This stage also creates Guide, which should be designed taking into account the potential customers and styles which will contain the indications in terms of language, vocabulary, typography, colors, etc., that will be used throughout the entire website. Once these standards have been fixed, all the development team must use them in the same way.

Activities to be performed It develops the detailed structure of the pages. Sets the styles Guide components designed prototype pages. Review the work plan. Products detailed structure of pages. Draft Guide for styles report of progress once the planning stage is complete will have almost 40% advance in the construction of your website and you can continue with the next development stage.

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