Website Relaunch

Search engine optimized website with a new design that new Internet presence was the top man group with locations in Gittelde, Osterode, Northeim and Nordhausen not only in terms of their structure and revised the Web design, but also search engine optimized. For us, the new year has started as Agency immediately with the implementation of a very interesting project. In the last quarter of 2012 we have started, to adapt the extensive website of the resin-based upper Man Group for current Web structures and to give a new face to the corporate image with a modern design and appealing imagery”, Kirsten Winkelbach, agency owner of beclever advertising agency from Gottingen reported proudly. The new Internet presence of the renowned logistics and Speditionsdienstleisters with locations in Gittelde, Osterode, Northeim and Nordhausen was revised but not only in terms of their structure, as well as Web design, but also search engine optimized: nowadays it is not more just so done, that you are a great Site has. It is important that one leads in designing, programming and especially when the content always in mind, that this website after bringing online should also be found by users “, explains Winkelbach. The new site, which since January 23 under. de is to achieve, is the perfect prelude to the anniversary of the group, which celebrates its 120th anniversary in 2013 already: as a family business, we are not only for tradition, but due to our many years of experience also for innovative strategies in the areas of logistics, shipping and commercial vehicles.

For example, we offer now also professional training and training for the industry and services sector with our new centre of excellence in Gittelde. These innovations need to be transported by a modern website, succeeded excellently the beclever werbeagentur AG with their work,”Alexander pleased T. Bohm as Executive Board member of the Jolly group of companies, the the project has supported organizationally: team beclever responds individually to our wishes, works very structured and is really a class partner when it comes to guided and guided planning. I look forward to further cooperation.”

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