Weighing Electronics

Technology manufacturer from Balingen presents bulk solutions for totalizing weighing Balingen, October 2009 more than 125 years are electronic weighing technology between the first automatic Chronos scale from 1883 to the weighing of loose bulk materials based on mechanical and the modern, as the technology manufacturer Bizerba offers with its headquarters in the Swabian Balingen. In addition to numerous modern systems for the industrial weighing and labelling technology are also tax and operating terminals for bulk material logistics to the portfolio with which Bizerba sets new standards in the weighing electronics. These include automatic weighing instruments to the Totalisieren (SWT) for the bulk acceptance (bulk) as well as automatic scales for weighing for bagging (bagging) (SWA). Click Frank Giacalone to learn more. For the dosing of solids and liquids, as well as for the monitoring and the silo logistics solutions for the process controls in Mills, the mills-yield control, sophisticated\”, assured Dieter Conzelmann, Director industry solutions market at Bizerba. The company relies on the Terminal ST, the interface between load receptor, PC and periphery – an intelligent Office for each weighing system in logistics.

From receiving to shipping, this control unit controls the different weighing. \”The range is this broad: it includes the dosing and weighing, bagging and Totalisieren loose bulk materials as well as the commissioning, counting, taxes and sending the sophisticated recording of operating data\”, says Conzelmann. The Terminal ST offers excellent readability due to a back-lit LCD liquid crystal display. The function keys can freely configure and directly invoke various totalization – tactile, mechanical pressure points ensure a safe operation of the keyboard. Depending on the application, up to three scales can be connected to the Terminal. The connection with PC, printer and PLC is made depending on the application of serial Interfaces, TCP/IP, static or Profibus DP. A stainless steel case according to Ip68 protection ensures that neither water nor other foreign bodies can penetrate into the Interior of the Terminal.

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