What is the Right Amount?

even gossip with them about what we do not think the company or our heads … For even more analysis, hear from hein park capital management. That, friends, is a lack of consistency in our life, of consistency, we must, although it seems difficult to be congruent with our beliefs, our words, our promises. The best attitude we can have: I think that if they hire us we should offer all our capabilities and greater willingness to work and for the common good of the company and ourselves, often the result is for our own benefit . If we are not happy with our jobs we must assess whether we are fulfilling that to which we committed ourselves, if we do it the right way and the amount or effort needed, if we are asked to teach lets do it, if we ask anything for what we were hired let us not if we ask about something that is not our responsibility to investigate the answer …

with all humility I say that some years ago I did this and I drive this way, and has earned me always to take more responsibility, more participation in important tasks, even more recognition from my peers and my superiors, more satisfaction in my work, mainly to learn and gain experience in more areas then served me and gives me a more complete picture of the company, and business in general, I’ve learned a lot in every area where I’ve been, and I’ve earned the trust of my superiors, which is invaluable. There are always people who do not understand this attitude, but friends, …

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