Wholesale Network

True employment comprises percent 50 but because market relatively young and not a bad location. In general, a competitor of the gardener and Lyublizona almost ready. The range is no different: Clothing and footwear prevail. For more information see Hikmet Ersek. Buses have not yet seen in large numbers, but several areas of Baku – stand. Some traders are taking place in Lublin and at the "Gardener", took his place and to "Emirale." Prices, therefore, are identical.

Facilities for the wholesaler, the shuttle has not seen for one reason – these just yet. "Violet", which promotes itself as a wholesale market it as "New Cherkizon" failed to attract wholesalers of Chinese and trade rows entrenched middlemen: bought in Lublin and the Gardener – sold at Violet. The market moved into the category of small-scale wholesale and retail … I think about it now, not worth mentioning, can in a year that something will change? The market for brateevskom bridge "Bratko" constructed and is nearing completion. Now former wasteland storey iron framed with compartments for trade. Located too far from the gardener, which may make it geographically convenient place for shuttles.

Wholesale online. Against the background of wholesale markets, wholesale online shops are little bit poor. The main task of such stores – a very large wholesale for the small group of buyers. True, there is another category of wholesale stores that sell generic range of prices that differ from the Chinese market by 10-20%. One of these shops the first wholesale (www.1okey.ru). What is the benefit of working with such Internet optovkami? Which is better, come and buy on the wholesale market or to make an order wholesale online store? Above we have listed those "pluses" and "cons" trade "with wheels". But it is necessary to add the financial side. The fare to Moscow and back, transportation of goods purchased, the cost of food, the cost of fines and requisitions in the markets and on the road, force majeure costs. Roughly the purchase amount to 20 tons. rubles, the shuttle gives 4-5.t rubles. Or 20-25%. Does not this amount was identified as the mark-up wholesale stores? And if we add pluses orders and through the internet: convenience, availability of goods in the bill 100%, free delivery and shipping transport company, free delivery to the city of the customer (this service was first done at Wholesale orders of 25,000 rubles), exchange marriage! We have already mentioned above, that exchange goods purchased on the wholesale wounds is almost impossible and it's part of trade with China. A marriage to exchange or return e-shop is realistic about what they do and write. Many believe that Internet-shop – it's something anonymous and no one knows where to pay very risky. But look at those stores that have existed for many years. Take for example the same first wholesale, which clearly indicates their details such as bank, registration, and contact. And in addition to running the first such openness Wholesale Network! Talk, ask, criticize, discuss. For those who question still stands search via Google views and reviews of people about the stores. In summary, I would like to remind you that on the court already in 2010 and more people are starting to realize that the Internet is not only for toys. Maybe you should sit down one day and find it – can really profitable wholesale order through online store?

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