Wisdom Universal

Universal wisdom the way of life arc continued their rhythm in the huts during the day. The master had suspended talks to the community of monks at the monastery and gave himself to prepare to be the Noble Ting Chang in the art of strategy. Nobody interrupted them during the talks and only master Tenno accompanied them, because he needed them for the good Government of his monastery. This was the cause for which our teacher did you get notice of what was going to carry out in the huts with Noble Ting Chang. The Sweeper of Esmeraldas dealt all relating to weapons and to good status in the course of the forest that had done a real dojo under the moon. Master Tenno was in charge of the kyudo, kendo, or paths of the bow and the sword, arts which had excelled because he was able to receive the teachings of the very same Herrigel. Teacher, told him one day Sergei, thus in passing – who was Herrigel? Eugen Herrigel was a German master that, along with his wife, had gone to Japan to be perfected. Him, in the way of the bow, and she, the ibetana, or floral arrangement.

Both had attained enlightenment and returned to his college life at the University of Erlangen, which became Rector. Had he gone to hone the archery? Do not. He had gone to give classes at the Imperial University but what moved him was the intimate desire to deepen in Zen Buddhism. The discovery of the art of archery was a real coincidence that helped him on his path to enlightenment, in this art, not needed know the Japanese language but possess mood requiring teachers to any gifted disciple. Why they were not in Japan? Because they understood that his testimony in the West would be crucial for the mutual enrichment of East and West.

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