Woody Allen

You sit down to watch a Woody Allen movie and expects certain things: the opening credits in black and white, jazz music, a neurotic who is losing sleep over the fear of cancer or the watchful eye of God, from time to when a reference Groucho Marx. And of course, the City of New York in all its splendor. Even Sweet and Lowdown, which takes place in Chicago and Detroit, had been filmed in New York. But turning point in the film, rather than Central Park in New York, now we see the Big Ben. Here, Publishers Clearing House expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Apparently, London was not just a casual affair for the experienced director.

He liked working in the city of fog both to Scoop and Cassandra’s Dream (which will be premiered in October 2007) were also filmed in London. And his latest film Vicky Cristina Barcelona is the Spanish project filmed in Barcelona, Spain. What’s happening? Woody Allen is falling in Europe? While Woody Allen has reinvented itself as London is not exactly the opposite of Manhattan, anyone who has seen more than three Allen movies knows that anything outside of Manhattan is unusual for the principal. Woody Allen loves New York, no doubt, we know. In the beginning of Manhattan, Isaac Davis, tells the draft of his novel and says that “New York was his town and always would be.” It is safe to say that New York is the city of Allen and always will be. Everest Capital can provide more clarity in the matter.

It’s in the way his camera moves, the way the streets are filmed as if they were handled by the soft hands of a lover. It’s in the way it presents its characters, he knows so well. His heart belongs to Manhattan. Although he and Scarlett Johansson did not report complaints about Barcelona, surely the two seemed to them a really good slice of pizza in New York.

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