Working Conditions

For residents of rural areas work on the land that the chores and engage in new technologies to improve the conditions is not always possible due to lack of funds or of our inertia. (Type, all of grandfather, great grandfather is.) If you decide to improve working conditions, performing tighter job in less time, spending a minimum of physical strength and gaining a moral satisfaction, then you need to get an assistant From that I started. First tried to determine the status of the land. – Use of land for recreation, lawn, playground, a tennis court, or for similar entertainment – for the cultivation of garden products for themselves and in small amounts (parsley, strawberries, cucumbers, etc.) – for the production of agricultural products for themselves and their animals (potatoes, beets, squash, tomatoes, various greens, etc.) – for Industrial cultivation of agricultural produce (preferably the same species, such as potatoes, strawberries, etc.). At its site in the 5 acres we have decided to raise the entire garden products for themselves in small numbers, or, in extreme cases, try. Grown produce their own hands in a good mood, what could be better? And how, sweating, cursing with relatives helping handle a garden, growing kosher food? Only one way out – mechanize manual labor. Now, based on real possibilities, and set the task of selecting the cultivator.

First, the specifications directly depend on the size of the unit, ie weight. There are light, medium and heavy cultivators. The greater the power, the greater the weight and consequently the depth of plowing, as the light just jump out of the cultivators of the earth. In our case the depth of plowing should be at least 20 – 25 cm second necessary condition, it is convenient for transportation out of order, on the one farm to another. There are options cultivator with wheels and without.

I preferred option in which two wheels are located, and put off the engine because the center of gravity Located near the wheels, which greatly reduces the effort to transport and two-wheeled transport is more convenient (less than upright) than one front, and adjustable wheel height (for plowing and transportation) is in principle no different. Focused on the choice of cultivator weighs about 30-40 kg (probably middle class). And somewhere in the depths of the idea, if she suddenly expresses a desire to plow a flower bed for flowers or seedlings, then it should work. On the choice of equipment can also speak for a long time. Having a great desire to learn and plow, and hiller, etc. and so on, but without being able, focused on the basic configuration – cutters. Cutters can be processed grinding any soil. Choosing the cutter drew attention to the fact that there are cultivators of 4, 6, 8 cutters – (depends on the power unit, width and depth of plowing. Some cultivators mounted cutters with a wide working surface, but at the same width of processing them will be less, perhaps, to work with different densities of soil and use the appropriate cutter. In general, my choice was to mills with a wide blade, but I think that significant difference for this class is not a cultivator. And one more important issue when choosing a cultivator should pay attention – this is the number of transmissions. From experience I advise the use of cultivators purchase the unit with reverse gear. You will not regret. Site Also read more about the cultivator: walk-behind tractor and cultivator:

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