Yandex Money

Implemented a different matter ways. The main thing that it was not spam. There are many different service deliveries. Most of them are free. You register an account there, then get the code form of your mailing list, hangs it on your site, and offer your visitors subscribe to your newsletter.

Another option to install the script on my website mailing list. In such cases, you will not depend on any of the rules mailing services. There is a third option, which By the way, I want to try out. If you are on your site you use, or use any content management system, it is to install a specific plug-in, send letters to registered users Your site. What difference does it list any increase, mailing list, or list of users. Note that if a man through signup forms or registration forms on your website, tells his own You address your mail box, your message will not be spam. And you have the moral right to send him letters. By the way, your subscriber has the same moral right to read your emails or send a firm hand them in a basket.

But what will he do with your letters in fact, depends largely on what you have. To learn how to make your newsletter interesting, I'll write in the following publications on this site. So do not miss it. And even better register on my site, and then you just do not miss anything. The most interesting will get to you directly to your inbox. What more do we need for a successful online business? Need to register in one or several payment systems. The most popular is Webmoney, RBK Money, Yandex Money, etc. If you have a purse in such a system, following the instructions on the website for your chosen payment system can be configured to accept payments for your site. Then the process of selling your information products is as follows. Visitor Information Centre with your reader or your letter goes to your minisayt reads the sales letter, finds form of payment you received in your akkunte payment system, and pre-placed on the page minisayta. Click on the 'Pay', go to the site of payment system, makes payments, the system returns to to your site on successful payment page where your client and download them to the goods purchased. Here it is notorious that the autopilot internet business. But, just for a man to press the button 'Pay' is on your site, you need to build and this person relationships, using your original articles, your newsletter and your charm:) Everything in this article only touched upon some of the nuances of home Internet business. If you wish to receive more specific information, register on this site, and then you will be sure that the most interesting information will not pass by you just because you have not given 15 seconds of your time to Register for. For the benefit and profitability of your online business, Alexey Rudenko and site MirBiz.Net – The world of business on the Internet

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