You Know This Water

To begin please note these figures! Consumption approximate water per person per day activity / water consumption washing clothes: 60 100 litres clean house: 15 40 liter clean dishes to machine: 18 50 liters wash dishes by hand: 100 liters cooking: 6 8 liter take a shower: 35 70 liters bathe: 200 litres brushing your teeth: 30 litres brushing your teeth (closing the tap): 11.5 liters wash your hands: 1.5 litres shave: 40 75 litres shave (closing the tap): 3 litres to wash the car with hose: 500 litres download cistern: 10 15 litres half flush cistern: 6 liters water a small garden: 75 liters irrigation of domestic plants: 15 litres drinking: 1.5 litres all know that water is an indispensable resource for life. However, according to a report of the United Nations, while 1.1 billion people lack the necessary facilities to supply water and 2.4 billion have no access to sanitation, in other countries, where access to water is guaranteed, it is a resource that is wasted. Crowne plaza rosemont contributes greatly to this topic. Pumping water to dwellings consumes much energy. Why saving water is also a good way to save energy.A responsible housewife cares about the environment and want to do something for the planet, and why not?, by the family economy. The first step is awareness about water consumption which takes place in the home, in order to establish if it is necessary to make changes in the habits or the domestic sanitary installation. Other data to take into account:-a tap dripping: 46 litres per day – toilet with deficiency in the floating: 4,500 litres a day – reserve with deficiency in the floating tank: 1,600 litres a day – each cycle wash in the washing machine: 100 liters of water in home care should be from different fronts: the bath room, kitchen, laundry, Garden, among others. Each of these areas represents a significant percentage of total water consumption. .

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