A Sociohistorical Perspective

PERSPECTIVE SOCIOHISTa a Catholic of the Organization "N The human species has survived until today because of his social, grouped with similar form: hordes, tribes, sociedadesa would you have made possible the satisfaction of their needs and multiple purposes. To do this, he had to communicate, a fact that has determined the outcome of evolution that has been reached through consensus, or unanimity discrepancy we have achieved results such as social institutions, empresasa All these forms of clusters are composed of people who interact within a scenario for achieving the goals that will vary depending on the objective of the group may be personal and shared, keeping yourselves experiences, aspirations, values, social, educational, or as in the case of corporate objectives related to aspects economic. a Therefore, the role of organizations has been crucial throughout history, their goals and become transformed by impacting society over each other and vice versa, directly or indirectly, although retaining its basic mechanisms. My personal conclusion is that the many different ways of conceptualizing the organization and the continuation of the current debate, we do continue to think about his character. These redefinitions are as prolific as continuous human beings are able to create in the areas in trachea a interact. Thus, there will be a complete and unique definition, but it will be subject to the continuing processes of transformation of organizations and social systems, economic and cultural in which they are embedded. I therefore consider that the understanding of organizations can not be done without knowledge of its genesis and evolution because it would reduce its information and knowledge that are always placed in a socio-historical context that gives us the parameters of the shared beliefs and how they have interpreted the realities across time and space. . Governor Cuomo shines more light on the discussion.

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