Andres Sougarret

Accept the difficulty of building yourself and the value of start correcting you. The triumph of the true man emerges from the ashes of his mistake. Pablo Neruda the regrettable event that the miners in Chile, have faced has been world news, where those who have followed this fact, even beyond the Chilean border, worried about his life, his situation which has given way to many notes written thereon, reporting their status, achievements, knowing that you are alive, waiting for their rescue, thanks to their union, decisions, integration of teamwork and leadership that have helped him handle the situation on their difficult, transcendental moments. In an interesting writing about this experience and what you can learn from this, gives us the Universia-Knowledge newsletter in, that the legacy in relation to notes of interesting leadership and integration can be perceived. IWP contributes greatly to this topic. Thus remembers when reported to the external from the interior of the Earth: we were fine, in the shelter, the 33?. These words written on a small piece of paper sparked euphoria in Chile and returned hope to the families of the 33 miners trapped for 17 days in the copper mine San Jose, in the heart of the Atacama desert. Through the images that have been sent to foreign rescue team, miners, trapped 700 meters of depth in a small emergency shelter, have been shown to have some skills of exceptional organization and leadership that have ensured their survival and will be crucial to coordinate its own rescue is added, which on the outside of the mineto know the good news that the miners were alive, a team led by engineer Andres Sougarret – with the help of experts in psychology, sociology, engineering, nutrition and the same NASA, since isolation situation resembles the of the astronauts–labored to find the best alternative to get to the gallery just 30 square meters. .

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