It involves basic questions of ethical order: Why I am professor managing supervisor/? Which the direction, for me exactly, of what education? Which the utility for the society? That types of pupil/citizen want to help to form? It will be that all good evaluation does not have to start for an auto-evaluation of the educator? What we are evaluating, after all? Our pupil or our work (that he is also of the pupil)? The evaluation can have with objectives to inquire the income of the pupil, to certify itself of that the content was apprehended, to correct possible distortions or deficiencies in the education process? learning, since these have been the justifications, comumente presented, for the application of tests and tests in the diverse institutions of education. Hardly we come across in them with a deep reflection concerning the objectives of the evaluation, however the uncertainty of the instruments adjusted that they reflect with clarity the development of the pupil it is a difficult knot to unfasten in the bow that mooring cable the evaluation to the learning process. Through constant comments, I have clearly also that to the pupil, what really finishes interesting is the note, with this it finishes studying for ' ' to be promovido' '. Search already of beginning to know which the mechanisms of the note pair to try to get it more easily and if fits in the standards of success of being one ' ' good aluno' '. According to Luckesi, (1994: 23), ' ' the notes are operated as if nothing they had to see with aprendizagem' '. How to reduce transmitted knowledge of months in a simple sheet of paper? The test in itself does not show how much the pupil learned. He does not show if the pupil has conditions to make relations of what it even learned with other substances or with the proper life. .

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