Pros and cons to the topic Applications with or without photo from the point of view of managers, human resource professionals, headhunters, and the advertising industry. No longer needed are photos on the CV? Have you even wondered why on your application for the umpteenth time at companies on the stack \”We regret to inform you…\” have landed. Or have occasional Adviser to employment centres right when they claim that it depends purely on content and not on appearances? Possible explanations, background and facts about a controversial topic even by professionals. Professor Dr. Kroeber-Riel (), many years Europe’s leading communications & advertising specialist, holder of the Chair of marketing and Director of the Institute for consumer and behavioral research at the University of Saarland in Saarbrucken, wrote well-known standard works on consumer behavior & influence. All leading training institutions, universities and universities of applied sciences are Kari his Research an integral part of marketing training.

His theses are today than ever: who wants to communicate effectively, must adhere to the the pattern of image communication the dominance of image communication takes you images dramatic forms to insert, to the memory of a specific offer to increase use images to illustrate material properties to a brand that with clear you and fitted with appealing images, is preferred over other brands. The facts of representative surveys at career & HR consultants, HR managers and Presidents showed a clear picture: whatever an application photo belongs to each full application. It is an important document! When you first meet someone, make a picture of him. A first visual impression. The visual impression is so important to get to know a people – and also a photo gives the. Kroeber-Riel spoke in this context in his lectures by the …das image is the shot in the brain. It is without a doubt proof that a meaningful photo can contribute significantly to the success.

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