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Green search engine offers 15 million products from 600 shops WeGreen, the first comprehensive search engine for sustainability, extended its offering is now available to a market place with 15 million products from over 600 online stores. Sustained interested users can search products, compare, and buy comfortably in the shop of your choice. The sustainability footprint developed by WeGreen indicates fast and clearly yellow or red with their evaluation in green, how sustainable is to evaluate a product. For the founder and CEO of WeGreen, Maurice Stanszus, the integration of a comprehensive marketplace is the logical further development of the search engine: also so far could fair and ecological products with WeGreen? nd. A true shopping experience with more shops and categories, which makes it possible, for example, a selection for preferred quality seals or sustainable manufacturers is new,”says the sustainability expert. Users can browse as in a real shop, except that they with us not only a model find a manufacturer, but different offers of from different manufacturers”in addition to the new product search, the search engine functions were improved in WeGreen: so concise information boxes make it easier to navigate through the world of sustainability. Additional information in the form of tutorials, shopping guide and corporate ratings complete the comprehensive and unique in its kind offer.

Wegreen WeGreen is the first comprehensive search engine for sustainability. Regardless of whether users want to learn about the sustainability of a company or buy fair and ecologically produced products: With WeGreen, it is very easy to find good products and companies. With the help of the sustainability footprint is apparent at a glance, a company, a brand, or a product how ecological, social, and transparent. Should appear as a search result a red or yellow company or product, WeGreen indicates the suitable green alternatives. WeGreen is a research project of the Hochschule fur Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin emerged. WeGreen is funded by the European Social Fund, the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, technology and research, as well as the founder workshop of Beuth Hochschule fur Technik Berlin. Also WeGreen was awarded by UNESCO and the German Council for sustainable development, because it puts a particularly for sustainable education.

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