Best London Hotels

The top 8 bars of London overlooking are thinking about going to England, have already set everything, even your hotel in London and need some advice about the best bars in the English capital? Here is a list of bars in London with the most beautiful views. OXO Tower and is that when you talk about good views, not one can not mention OXO Tower. Even the ground floor restaurants offer excellent views. The Trafalgar this bar is ideal in summer. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Tulip Retail. If you do not mind paying the cost of the covered (finally and after are in a chic hotel!), from the terrace you will enjoy a spectacular view of Trafalgar Square. It is super fun to see people playing in the fountain, or kisses outside the National Gallery! Punch and Judy not is the best bar in London, nor even he looks, but if you like to relax watching Covent Garden they, this is your ideal place. If you want to go, be sure to go soon.

The balcony is the major pub, but fills up quickly. Kensington Roof Gardens this place is, without a doubt, the archetype of the take a drink enjoying the views. There are not too many places better than this. In addition, even have added flowers to make it more beautiful. Galvin at Windows if you’re looking for are seen from the top, go to Galvin at Hyde Park. When you arrive there, you’ll be proud of not having you lost this espectaulo. The White Cross Este pub is located in Richmond and has the best views of the River. Having to cross London to spend an afternoon there does not weigh anything when one realizes how wonderful that is the view from there.

Paramount this is the Centre Point bar, and you can not enter unless you’re not staying on the list of guests. Anyway, if you manage to enter, you’ll find yourself with the best view of all London. Having to investigate par aver when festivities take place and get worthwhile. Blueprint Design Museum coffee provide you a few small binoculars so you can enjoy the view of the River.

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