Bruno Belamich

Founded more than 10 years ago by Bruno Belamich and Rosillo Carlo, where they come from his name, Bell & Ross is a relatively new participant in the world of watches manufacturers. When they started, the clocks were manufactured by Sinn, a German company, however, in recent years, the company Bell & Ross established his own factory and now produce their own clocks. The best mechanisms made in Switzerland, these are only used in a Bell & Ross watch watches are designed and manufactured keeping in mind certain professionals such as pilots, divers and staff dedicated to the deactivation of bombs. Some of the key elements of the design include water resistance as well as large with large, easy to read numbers dials. Besides being highly functional, Bell & Ross watches are also surprisingly elegant, factors that undoubtedly contribute greatly to the absolute popularity of these clocks. The company also produces several very simple look quartz clocks, which in effect Harbor hidden liquid crystal displays offering various features that can be accessed using the watch Crown.

Bell & Ross is particularly known for his models of watches of salient hours, Chronographs, and their flashy colors soft beige to Brown dials. The line offered by Bell & Ross Instrument BR01 began four years ago and its insignia model is truly a masterpiece of engineering. Looking like just an instrument found in the cockpit of an airplane, the Watch has a square box decorated with four prominent bolt heads, to greatly resemble the frame that surrounds an instrument in command of an airplane cabins. This watch designers trying to, through this unique design, making the clock seem larger than what really is something they achieved with great success. From the beginning, the BR01 line has offered customers a choice of chronograph or a simpler three-hand watch. Also, customers can choose between having the deployed date or a display of reserve power in their clocks.

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