Bus Rome

-With regard to areas around the historic center is great for staying. The area of the Vatican is very lively in the morning but average late stays very dead and is somewhat remote from the rest of the city. Trastevere is very typical even though it has a few good hotels. Try hotel is in the Center, hotels on the outskirts cause problems and saving sometimes is not so much by the extra spending on urban transport. 9 Tips to take advantage of the visit – Rome is a city that is do enjoy and we repond question: to visit in Rome? If the history of the monuments that we are going to visit is well known. A great idea is to hire a private guide who accompany us on an excursion and that might explain what we are seeing. At we recommend Mauro Cannella.

It offers a service of high quality and at very attractive prices. Additional information is available at Areva. 10 Tips in the Vatican – the best way to not suffer the famous tail of the Vatican museums is to reach between 12 and 13 hours. You have time to spare to see everything and the queue is minimal. -EYE! We have received the news that the Vatican is might be considering the possibility of closing to the public the Sistine Chapel. Tourist pressure and especially flashes tourists are damaging the work of ostensible form. If you want to see at least once in your life the work of Miguel Angel, hurry. -Sunday is an occasion very good to go to the Vatican since we will see the Pope in person giving the blessing from his balcony to the faithful in the square. On the contrary it is a day from some crowds and museums are closed.

-Next to your visit to the Vatican, it is worth climbing to the Castel Sant Angelo. You have a very interesting history and beautiful views of the city. These if, as in all of Rome, it is essential that you go with a good guide that explains you what you see. -If you want to send a postcard from Rome take advantage of your visit to the Vatican to use its efficient postal service in St. Peter’s square. The Vatican mailboxes are yellow, while those of Rome are red. If you like stamps and coins or you want to make a gift related to this world, there is a numismatic and philatelic shop in St. Peter’s square. -Logically, the Vatican area is paradise for those seeking religious souvenirs. -64 Bus that connects Termini with the Vatican is famous for being the place of work of pickpockets and thieves of all kinds. Be careful with this.

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