Business Cards

There's also a business card. ase. It seemed, to all of its currently well-represented – it is a piece of cardboard or plastic, which shows information about its owner. Is that all? Let's think about – and all right? The parameters business CARDS: Size – The size of business cards can be different for different countries – it depends on the tradition, although they are all roughly the same, plus or minus a few millimeters. Educate yourself with thoughts from hein park capital. Russia has adopted a size 90×50 mm. This, of course, not means that the different size of business cards we have absolutely forbidden – over there – for example, a very elegant look slightly elongate the card, which is more suitable for creative people – beauty salons, visage, artists, etc.

In addition, there are certain standards for special notebooks for business cards – business card holders, who just adapted historically in our country the size. So if you have non-standard size business card – it risks not get a cell card holders the right person and be lost, then we, of course, though, did not want to-be. But few non-standard size is in itself draws attention – as in the example with a slightly elongated shape business cards. How to do the same if we have a goal to make it a business card size? It's very simple – you can save a total of length, slightly reduce the height of cards – and the effect is exactly be what we expect and at the same card itself can easily be placed in notebooks, business card holders.

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