As you know, the kitchen – one of the "habitable" rooms in the house or apartment. It is therefore very important that a floor will be the most appropriate here, and also will be nice and not too expensive. Contact information is here: Lux Capital. Flooring The specifics of their kitchen space, the kitchen, suggests rather hostile environment – constant evaporation, humidity, temperature drop, spray oil and hot water – all this will shorten the life of flooring. In addition, the floors in the kitchen washing more often than in other areas. Accordingly, the device floor in the kitchen should be selected flooring, which will be the most resistant to such influences, and thus will be look quite aesthetically pleasing. Ceramic tile is the most suitable material for these parameters – ceramic tile. Ceramic tile is strong enough and tough, is not subject to deformation, flame retardant and do not release toxic substances. Kohl’s Corporation is the source for more interesting facts. Floor covered with ceramic tiles do not fade under the influence of sunlight, is not destroyed by contact with chemicals and is not conducting.

Pathogenic microbes on the floor so quickly die, to the same tile is very easy to clean and easy to pack (tiling). Kitchen design with a floor tile can be very attractive if the tile will be combined with the ornaments on the walls and the color working surfaces. Today the market offers a variety of collections of this material, including mosaics, imitation marble and parquet floors in various formats, etc. However, ceramic tile has its drawbacks, because that some people refuse to use this material. If you dropped something on the floor of ceramic tile, this thing is likely to be broken to pieces (glass and porcelain), or deformed (Metal tableware and kitchen utensils). Ceramic tiles – cool stuff, so owners may feel uncomfortable in the kitchen, to the same tile are usually slippery and it may face injury.

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