For this recipe you'll need: chicken (like so surprise – right?) Tomato pieces 3 onions green ketchup, mayonnaise, eggs 2 (the balance of power, so to speak) on the spice-taste recipe: 1. There will be a very sensual, so that there tragic part of our recipe: sliced onion (ring knife in your hands and do not take the tomatoes and fry in cast aluminum nonstick pans for 5-7 minutes then put in another bowl. 2. Getting Started sauce: break the eggs into a bowl (see do not miss), add spices (to taste), ketchup, salt 2 pinches, mayonnaise and stir until smooth (by the way if you love forgot that you have a birthday or congratulate your mother – it is not does arsenic spice). 3. Getting started slicing the chicken can throw out all negativity, and plenty of work out with a knife remembering her husband's secretary.

The resulting material evidence to put on a frying pan with non-stick coated, pour the chicken cooked sauce and add roasted tomatoes and onions. 4. Cover and cook over medium heat for 45 minutes (you can watch the agony ). After that, sprinkle herbs and saute over low heat for 15 minutes. Bon Appetit! ps Dear (and this is the absolute truth), and only your eyes are like the sun, so let them always shine, warm and lead us away (not now I do not compare you with lights, heat setting ufo system and GPRS).

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