Stove, free standing or built-in analog it is in every home. That is why every man sooner or later, think about buying it. Where once almost all the houses standing gas cookers, burners navarochnyh surfaces are not distinguished by the diversity and the presence of saliva in the oven testified that she was good, but now the eyes of the store literally run away. Hobs By type of cooking surface plate divided into two major classes: Gas and Electric. Please visit Mitsubishi Heavy Industries if you seek more information. Gas stoves, generally have 4 burners with varying intensity of the flame – one big one – a small and two intermediate razmera.Sama surface often covered with enamel, but in recent years become increasingly popular so-called surface "gas on glass", where instead of traditional cast iron grate, the same for all plates, used by small holders are installed directly onto the glass surface around each of the burners. Firstly, such a surface looks more impressive, the lack of large lattice visually facilitates plate, and secondly, flat glass is much easier to care than the enamel.

Decent gas cooker is fitted with "gas control", a guardian of your safety. No flame in any of the burners will not go unnoticed and will result in termination of gas supply for respective plates. Another common feature – "electric ignition" – can be automatic (auto ignition of the flame by turning the corresponding knobs turn the burner) or provided with a button (for the ignition, press a special button). Sometimes the ignition key is combined with the gas regulator – then to set fire to press the knob and rotate it. OVEN Ovens are also Gas and electric. Very common variant of the gas and the surface electric oven or gas oven with electric spit. Electric oven greatly benefit in terms of functionality: the presence of upper and lower heating elements, grill (upper and lower), the heating element on the rear surface and the fan provides a variety of possible combinations, which is not every woman in can be used.

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