Creditomovil Online

Seriousness and professionalism for micro – loans the Group Ferratum, financial holding company of Finnish origin present in over 15 countries, with its Spanish brand Creditomovil, offers a solution to meet the economic needs immediate extra cash that arise at a given moment and circumstances impossible to plan or extraordinary expenses undertaken in the holiday period in our market. We know that the back to school and start again is a difficult approach slope, something unforeseen, schools, clothing costs, any gift purchased souvenir without planning all this can make that your first months after the summer period are hard to overcome. Creditomovil you provide these months with micro-loans can pay with great facilities and which allow you to start the winter with desire, force and a smile, without major economic concerns. In addition, the operation is simple. Accessing the web page: or you can apply for loans between 50 and 300, the application of a fixed cost must be returned in 15 days more. These loans are requested through the website or through a simple SMS.

The process is fast. In 10 minutes you can have the solution to your economic problem, since they enter right away the amount requested in your account current says satisfied one of the faithful to Creditomovil clients. A fast loan can fix us a small lack of momentary liquidity and if, moreover, it is a loan online, without paperwork, easy, simple and mostly safe and backed by financial holding Ferratum Group, we know that we are in good hands. More than 100 professionals work to make easier any transaction and satisfy the needs of its clients in a company’s continued global expansion that promotes ethical trade internationally. More information at: customer service telephone: 902 03 09 75 Web: over Creditomovil Creditomovil of group Ferratum is a Finnish financial dedicated to the granting of microloans. Present in more than 15 countries in Europe, group Ferratum is leader in the industry offering the market a quick, effective and transparent operating as a solution to problems of immediate liquidity.With loans of small amounts ranging from 50 euros to 300 euros and returned in a period of 15 days, Creditomovil offers an immediate solution since the income into the account of customers can be effective in less than ten minutes.

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