Deepak Chopra

Why is this information in your prosperity goals important? Because the thinking no-materia, which consists the raw material of the universe, is energy and information. The difference between an object and another is that energy and information distribution. ** THE universe moves LAS PARTICLES depending of the information that receives and certainty of ESA information * your nature is creative because you become your world in what what you more focus from the beliefs that you give by valid. Application exercise: Develops the following tools: what beliefs you choose give by valid now that you know this? What 3 new beliefs you become more to what you want? 3 First steps would you give to be closer to what you want? This is the level of energy in terms of wealth creation, there are other levels in which we also created: the emotional level and the level of being. When you have a belief and you focus on it and the emotion generated, you prepare emotionally for find in your life experience, what in what most think that, your brain work is to validate what you think; and what you feel convince you of its certainty. STRATEGY 2: the creative process * TU world is your self-image revealed in way that LA can experience * * the world outside and the world INTERNOSON projections be unique, the source of all creation * Dr. Deepak Chopra scientists are in agreement that the particles that make up matter exist only when we observe them; our attention is what transforms the probability of existence of the particle in material existence. Application exercise 2: develops the following tools you choose how focus your attention to give existence to your desires? How you choose to develop the quality of your care to create only what you want? What kind of beliefs develops an approach of quality in what you want to say?

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