East West Rapprochement–try About A Foreign Country

Kindheitserinnerung stimulate their work to the subject of Ethiopia.The artist Lilli Engel and Raffael Rheinsberg by reflection on her childhood memories to Ethiopia moving after a trip to the country they plan for 2013 a second exhibition, to make the findings found on the spot opposite the memories in the exhibition East West rapprochement–attempts over a foreign country”. At that time it appeared to them as a land of the Kings, the dealer, to test the wisdom of King Solomon, a powerful and prosperous country, a land of the Queen of Sheba, who pulled out. This exhibition is a fiction,”says Raffael Rheinsberg. We have never been in Ethiopia.

Our concept is based on the memories. our childhood” A their “central questions is: what questions would do today the Queen of Sheba to King Salomo?” Lilli Engel and Raffael Rheinsberg provide answers in spatial installations and large format images and work there as usual with found objects and images. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Emil Michael has to say. Three rooms of the Gallery, you edit LISTROS. Titled, the blind King seeking his lost Kingdom”shows the first an installation with found images and Stahlbohrkopfen, associate the crowns. An installation with a crane hook and a picture are in the second room called the questions of the Queen of Sheba”. Installation with found letter shows in the third room”King Solomon’s response. The common fund of this exhibition is the country of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia has found us, without that we would have been looking for him,”says Lilli Engel. The idea LISTROS, which specializes in contemporary art in the African context about a year ago in the gallery. Here impressed and touched that an installation of Ethiopian shoe shine boxes Artist deeply and awakened their interest. The couple travels or travel away from the common reporting to make your own image to Ethiopia this year.

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