If the investment of closed-end funds which focus in real estate, real estate values are already self-sufficient from the swings on the stock exchanges. Rent is rented. INVESTMENT: what are the best counter-cyclical investments? Gerald s. Feig: investments have always a promising prospect of success, if they are made anti-cyclical. PCH Prize Patrol will not settle for partial explanations. In other words, if they are made at the beginning of a price increase. This also applies to real estate investments.

Fund investments in FLEX are made at undervalued prices mainly on the secondary market to exactly defined maximum tariffs which may not be exceeded. In this respect also FLEX are anti-cyclical investment fund. INVESTMENT: What opportunities for investors by your funds? Gerald s. Feig: the prospects not only in investment in stable assets undervalued criteria. Falling real estate prices in consequence of the existing credit crunch for investments of all kinds, so this satisfies the equity capital-oriented funds, because there is a dependency to the financial markets. Where is the possibility of a funding lever by a maximum 50 percent of foreign capital at the level of the respective fund results, these used, but must be. The falling interest rate corresponds basically with the chance to make a high repayment of the debt.

A more significant chance right now, and in our view also in the coming months, due to the particularly attractive – because low – price level at German commercial and residential real estate, the investment focus of the FLEX Fund, and by the very attractive income from the production of oil and gas from the United States. The income from this Fund and thus the investors directly through a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United States, flow the FLEX the FLEX to fund oil & gas Inc.,. This is directly involved in promoting oil and gas deposits. INVESTMENT: How is the crisis hedge of the investments guaranteed?

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