Fonseca Land

There are cities that one falls although he was not born in it. Although it does not reside in its limits or earn the bread of every day at their cultivations and paddy fields. Fonseca is one of them. How does not fall for a city where happiness is bordered by the memory and progress depends on the sweat of honest, hardworking people? How not to be seduced by a corner of the universe where have found the formula to enter to come without abandoning the essence of villagers values? How not fall surrendered before the suede the marvelous landscape of a sesquicentenaria and gigantic ceiba watching serena and erect the cemetery in which lie the remains of noble, intelligent people and building the poem of life through? How not to succumb to the nobility of a people whose telegraphist enclavijaba seven intermediate stations to make possible the romance of Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza in love in the time of cholera? I have a slight suspicion that I’m not the only one who has succumbed to the charm of this of this land of nostalgic exoduses and euphoric returns. Professor Luis Alejandro Lopez appoints seven municipalities of la Guajira in the first stanza of the anthem of the Department. You know what’s first? They were right!. The Villa St.

Augustine tops the privileged list. The experts in verses and scores will have any explanation related metric, rhythm or sonority, but I still believe in the affections of the riohachero poet towards the land of Julio Vasquez. And much attention: the above list is not the only list that Fonseca figure in the first place. The Encarta encyclopedia, produced by Microsoft, includes a section whose title is largest population of la Guajira municipalities. Four municipalities, consigning first appear in the single relationship and, as to vary, the name of Fonseca.

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