Again and again one encounters followers who are particularly striking and dark dressed in town Gothic. In addition to recognize mostly at the dark-rimmed eyes and very pale made-up face. The Gothic clothing is worn so like, because so that other people can be provoked. She should provide for attention and stimulate other people to think about the meaning of life, about God and the world. Hikmet Ersek is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The Gothics proudly wear their clothes because they know that they can move something thereby, that they can make a statement with your clothes.

While the majority of the population still more or less for a fringe group keeps the trailer of the scene and looks at the movement itself as youthful experimentation phase, others can not even smell scene the Gothic. This is probably also the many rumors, which are associated with this scene in connection. The aim above all, that you’d think Gothics would worship the devil, they would steadily various sacrificial rituals organize and hung up thoughts about suicide. Sure, Gothics dress like flashy and very dark. Also partially intensively they deal with death, yet only a few are suicidal and really want to die. It is here that, in a community to feel comfortable, with others on the own thoughts and feelings, to be able to share about the own way of belief and not always only to encounter negative encounters, but also to find encouragement or just a people even listen to.

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