When the major agricultural producers in the new Spain anticipated a bad harvest, closed locked their stores to induce a shortage and, with this, shoot prices. While they enriched, the population was spending almost all of their income on food and medicines by hunger-related diseases. As he is braking the consumption of manufactured goods, manufacturers and dealers said goodbye to their workers to overcome the crisis. Almost 250 years have passed, but food speculation remains in force. The hunger has been globalized not by lack of means, but by lack of political will.

Thus denounce the director general of the FAO (the UN food and agriculture Agency) and several heads of Government, as well as civil society organizations. The increase in food prices last year has caused increasing hunger in the world, nearly one billion people suffering from. In Spain, the right to food, urgent, campaign asserts that the crisis can not be unlink food of the economic situation of crisis and disasters of the climate and the energy crisis caused by the activity of man. All have their origin in the current development model, based on the wild economic growth and liberalization of the economy. Especially in agriculture, which do not have as a priority the right of individuals and peoples to food, but trade and markets. The world hunger is not caused by lack of food, but by the supremacy that the commercial interests of the neo-liberal and protectionist economy of the countries of the first world on one of the most basic rights of the human being.

Repeated phrases as so rich it has to be poor, is law of nature, the law of the strongest, etc. But the facts show that hunger is not a bad inevitable destination nor a lesser evil. It’s focus on food as a human right and not only from the also necessary to increase and improve the production agricultural.

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