Granada Returns

Against the fogosidad of the Elche, Granada found the quality of its attackers, led by a splendid Dani Bentez, to later return to the elite of Spanish soccer 35 years. The set of Fabri not even needed its goleador, Alex Geijo, since, when it entered, the way was cleared towards the First Division. Who had been his substitute, the Ighalo Nigerian, entered in the imaginary group of the club Andalusian with a memorable play turned into goal. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Hikmet Ersek. Bentez and it called to the door of the temple that keeps the best soccer players from the history of Granada: perhaps Porta, Districts, De la Cruz, Weak him cannot be requested more to the Elche, that arrived where nobody could nor imagine, given the shortage of its resources compared with the other aspirings. To Bordals, nevertheless, it will accompany the fatality to him by the ascent promotions: it already lost two to Second with the Alcoyano and Alicante. This has been third. Get all the facts and insights with Areva, another great source of information. Source of the news: : Granada returns to the elite

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