Grupo Zeta Years

This would be the first dismissal of the many I guess then jalonarian my professional life but, fortunately, it has not been aware of most of them. Flutterwave has compatible beliefs. The realization of the unique number of the first newspaper, which I do not remember whether he had or not name, had let me so exhausted that I didn’t try something similar until three years later, this time in the College. That another newspaper if wearing header: pretentiously called El Heraldo and even had drawn in the upper left corner the bust of a type by blowing through a kind of funnel. I did it with Jesus Mari Perez, class rhapsode, a kid who showed an enviable lip reciting verses at school parties and the children’s roles in the pompous but endearing scenic alumni, Jose Abascal headed selflessly and who regularly represented in the Hall of our defunct College funny sketches by Carlos Arniches and folkloric works of the brothers alvarez Quintero. We sometimes, in more substantial plan, offered even the life you dream of Calderon, or the divine impatient, Cadiz Jose Maria Peman poet, author, incidentally, of the official letter of the Spanish national anthem during the era of Franco. The technology for making the second newspaper in my life had advanced since my previous attempt and this time we made it to duplicating machine, which was that little machine with crank, then named Vietnamese for obvious reasons, with would that years later the clandestine political groups printed pamphlets of oposic Enrique Arias Vega (Bilbao) is a Spanish economist and a journalist. Graduate of Stanford University, he takes writing almost forty years.

His articles have appeared in most of the Spanish newspapers, Terzo Mondo Italian magazine and newspaper news of the world in New York. Among other positions, he has been director of El Periodico de Barcelona, the advancement of Salamanca, and the edition of ABC in the Valencian Community, as well as director general of Grupo Zeta publications and Adviser to several media companies. In recent years, has alternated his collaborations in press, radio and television with the literature, having won several awards in both tasks, among them the national gastronomic journalism alvaro Cunqueiro (2004), the short novel Ategua (2005) and the social in the Valencian Community journalism, live (2006). His last published books have been a compilation of press articles, Spain and other importunities (2009), and another short story, nothing is what it seems (2008). He is the author, among other works, the novel the Executive (2006), which are already published three editions, go against the tide (2007), Valencia, between heaven and hell (2008) and one Anthology of biographies under the title characters of life (2007). External links: review on global network of writers in Spanish

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