His Son

Do you know why God will not do that? Not because He does not exist. Not because it is so heartless to not care what happens in your life. It is because He is a God who is not involved in anything. Not because I'm busy with other matters or has disappeared or is sick. UPS has compatible beliefs. Nope. It is simply because he already did! In the past God spoke many times and in different ways by people and in many other ways and ultimately God has spoken again through his Son. He created the whole universe through His Son, who chose to make it owns everything that exists.

The Son shows the greatness of God is perfect image of all that God is sustaining the entire universe by his powerful word, cleansed us of our sins and then sat down at the right of the throne of God in heaven. That Son has existed forever, forever and forever. It was the same "Word" who was at the beginning, who was with God and was God and that has always been God. It's that you have heard of many times as Jesus or Christ or or Messiah, but which has never paid attention or at least has not given the attention it's always been waiting for you. God has come, came to us in a beautiful, became flesh, became man and dwelt among us in the person of His Son Jesus Christ, the infinite God-Man. He spoke the most beautiful and memorable words of all time, made the most extraordinary miracles, lived the most exemplary life, was the most holy, more noble, more compassionate, wiser, smarter, more influenced by higher purposes, more impeccable, showed the best things anyone can learn, went down in history as the greatest man of all time.

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