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It becomes difficult when there are many competitors. Here, the search for appropriate keywords is time-consuming but vital. To determine but appropriate keywords, time should be taken to for this, even though it may appear cumbersome. Set a time from 2 to 4 hours for the experts. 5 message (s) the landing page a classical landing page is created from a few basic parts: Home Imprint, confirmation email, from content components, such as headline / title, images / video, text form field. The landing page should already include a key word for search engine optimization in the domain name, as well as in the heading of the page. Also should the main keyword several times in the Text to be mentioned (see Desnity). For the definition of the landing page components you should schedule a time of about 2 to 4 hours.

6 copywriting text creation for a landing page is a real challenge for all, not only for experts, but for the client itself. It is important that correct messages to place, a slogan to choose, right emotions with text or an image to raise, or is a compelling call to action to incorporate. According to the agreement, a text for a landing page will cost a fee between euro 450 euro of 900th 7 design after a briefing and analysis data is present an expert capable of a within 4 to 8 hours a good design to deliver. For beginners or individuals here a Council: you should look at offerings (landing pages), according to slogans, targeted messages and good analyze this text. The question that should be for everyone in the foreground: this site appeals to me, it evokes emotions, there are disturbing Statements – even a single word, sometimes enough that a continue reading prevents! Depending on the hourly rate you should expect with costs amounting to approx.

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