Internet Search

But it may be a small site, where on one page colorfully and attractively shows your new trade proposal. This site can be regarded as an analogue usual promotional leaflets. And when such a good flyer? That's right, when it will see many, many people. Hence, Internet advertising should first of all to ensure a flow of people to our site. And the rest was let the site work – make regular visitors to the site by our customers, partners, or simply a sympathetic human beings.

To advertise the site and attract targeted visitors to it are the most popular the following methods. progress in the search engines (search engine optimization). Macy’s Inc. addresses the importance of the matter here. Approximately 80% of visitors come to the site is from search engines (Yandex, Rambler, etc.). For example, a person got a request on Yandex "Building Portal". And in answer to him turned out to be a list of hundreds of sites. Typically, the user selects the search engine's site from the first-second scores. Site search promotion just and includes a number of technical and organizational measures, which allows the site if you do not enter, then at least get closer to the top ten. Method is quite effective for improving site traffic through precisely targeted visitors. The disadvantages include the fact that the results have to wait a long time (from 4-6 weeks or more) to maintain a good result requires constant work (and, hence, permanent, monthly spending). In addition, optimization, there is very flimsy boundaries extend beyond which is impossible.

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