Member Paez

Chichi Member Paez equipment and DEPROIMCA and Professor of postgraduate’s quality and productivity management specialty, that defined the satisfaction in the work as: the general attitude of a worker towards his work. Without a doubt, this definition is obviously extensive; However, it has much relevance with the signifier. We must remember, that the work of any person, is more than the activities implied manage documents, writing programming code, wait to customers and/or suppliers or operate a vehicle; In addition, labor demand have interactions with peers, colleagues and with their supervisors immediate, abide by the rules and customs, (standards), organization, meet the rates of individual and organizational management, live – the most of the times – in scenarios that are not ideal. This reality entails, that the justipreciacion making any worker of how satisfied or dissatisfied sit with their work, it is the result of the very complex algebraic sum of these and several other discrete components. How, then, is measured this concept of job satisfaction?When the person works, apart from caring for their jobs or improve their chances of promotion which another item takes you to alter your way of being? Although it may seem simple and obvious, the answer is decidedly peremptorily for each person: it is the desire to live a life full of satisfactions! A style of life that represents a process of total self-realization. A life that reflects the quality of each person’s existence. Since then, as it can be derived from this are implied, emotions, all those motivational stimuli that influence personality, conduct, behavior, more when all aspire to their work that generates results will be recognized and not passed unnoticed as it usually happens. Management should not be forgotten, that deals with human beings, individuals, aspirations, needs, achievements, which can not be ignored, must on the contrary be attentive on them, giving way to stimuli that allow the worker feel recognized, not as an object more than production, but, as someone who brings their concomimientos abilities, so that all those who make up the team that generates productivity benefit.

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