Money Matters

Most of the worries and health problems caused by the stress of worrying about money. Money can not bring happiness, but their absence does not do it alone. And yet I want to focus your attention on one very important when setting goals. There is a formula for success – "BE – DO – HAVE A" "BE" – then take place, as a person. "DO" – means work, work. "BE" – means get what you want.

So, most people believe that the movement to success is in the direction of the "HAVE" to "BE", ie to become someone, you first need to have something. This is very misleading, because one must first become a person, then make the effort and everything that you want to have appear by itself. Misunderstanding of the law and is one of the causes of most failures in the MLM business. Think good about who you would like to become. It is also very important goal. All your goals you distribute in order of importance, in the first place your main goal.

Goals should be realistic, otherwise your subconscious mind will refuse to accept it as something possible. At the same time, the goal should not be be too small, because such a goal will not motivate you, inspire to action. The goal should be such that you burned your heels. Record setting goals and deadlines. Define your goals, you should set a deadline for each goal, because if there is no time limits, then there is no way to monitor your progress.

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