Mountain Gorilla Trekking In Uganda – The Slightly Different

“An unforgettable journey is not only for dedicated animal rights the fate of mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda border area many of us through the film gorillas in the mist” been taught has immortalized in the Hollywood the life and work of researcher Dian Fossey. In the late sixties and early seventies of the last century, these animals has extensively researched and carefully made with many reports and articles on them. She took care of the establishment of the first protected areas, the training of the first attendant and spent a lot of time with the mountain gorillas in the jungle, so that she more or less was part of their group. Since then, much for the survival of the last specimens has been done, but still shrinking their numbers. Last but not least the regional unrest did the rest to do so some time ago. Some insurgent groups hunted specifically the famous Silverback”, so the respective leaders of a gorilla clan, to protest against the presence of foreign researchers and animal rights activists.

And due to the noise of war migrated some Gorilla groups out of the protected areas in other regions, where they but are under protection, nor find enough food. It needs to be done so much, so to see the mountain gorillas not soon only in history books. And paradoxical as it may seem at first sight: green tourism is a way to do something. A Uganda holiday represents an ideal opportunity to join a gorilla trekking under expert supervision. This a small group of interested by local leaders in several hours excursions running walking in the habitats of gorillas, where you can get direct contact with the animals. The encounter with these gentle giants”is something that it is not forgotten his life. Accordingly, the awareness of their situation will automatically rise and the participants of this expedition will think then inherently different about our place in this world and we deal with it. Perhaps one or the other will be Thanks to this memory later even even more active animal and environmental protection apply.

But that was still not enough. Because there’s also offers, in which a fixed amount of the price automatically Gorilla Fund will be donated to the Dian Fossey, i.e. each participant supports active this aid on the spot, even without you explicitly issue a cheque. Unfortunately there is a big difference for some, whether they should donate something active or whether they do it more or less unnoticed by the way? It is so possible to do something for the preservation of mountain gorillas at the same time actively with Rwanda travel, as well as to make an exclusive, luxurious and unforgettable holiday in one of the most beautiful regions of this earth. Markus Uhl

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