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A flight was cancelled, cancelled or canceled, are entitled to compensation of the ticket price of plus all expenses paid, and you as a passenger costs incurred. John A McColgan may also support this cause. The flat-rate sum intended to compensate for differ depending on the flight distance and amount of delay. As a passenger you can either refund the flight ticket price itself and require a free transfer back to the departure airport. Or ask for a replacement carriage to the planned destination. This is to be noted that the costs must be kept as low as possible.

This means that the expenditure for a flight spare and another carriage way proportionate to the cost of air tickets and of the other damage will be. What other promotion possibilities exist and extent to which these are appropriate, can be assessed after a thorough examination of the facts in the case. The airline transported the passenger not in accordance with the originally booked flight, a lump-sum compensation entitled to the passenger, which is scaled as follows: flights under 1,500 kilometres away, the airline has to pay 250,00 euro. 400,00 euro are for flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km and flights over 3,500 kilometers outside the EU’s borders 600,00 euro to be paid. In addition to the above duties, the carrier in the case of a cancellation has to bear the costs, which were triggered by the cancellation of the flight.

The liability limit is approximately EUR 4.800,00 damage cases. The law firm Bartholl Munster advises consumers to legal questions about the entire legal field of travel law. Reports and information about the right to travel can be found on the website of the law firm. The address is. Serves clients on legal details, lawyer Jan Bartholl from Munster, discussed the possibilities with each customer together in the specific case and examine the further course of action. The firm Bartholl in Munster’s work is based on trust, confidentiality and liability. Lawyer Jan Bartholl – your Munster Munster, April 2008 contact: lawyer Jan Bartholl law firm Bartholl bath 17 48149 Munster Internet: email: info (at) telephone: 01803/505415-365249 fax: 01803/505415-365249

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