Many people yearn to find an authentic expression of the inner experience with the voice and enjoy the common creativity when making music. Common singing I feel a bond with myself and everything around me, as I know it from any other yoga practice here”, as a participant in Nada Yoga seminar. Nada Yoga leads from the experience of the sounding world by turning inward to the refinement and deepening of sound perception and ultimately the experience of inner silence in meditation. This is an approach from the path which leads through the intense experience of the senses to the internalization and ultimately to the sinking. Nada Yoga is rooted in the wisdom of the Vedas, which are among the oldest Scriptures of mankind. The Indian philosophy explains that the entire world emerges from Nada, the sound of creation. Brahman, the divine origin, is reflected in its first manifestation by Nada, the stream of consciousness”, which perpetually flowing through all of creation. Nada is the primordial, the primordial of creation, which brings forth the limited realms of the spatio temporal universe through their power.

The recitation of mantras, singing and chanting, meditation on sound, listening to sounds in nature, the contemplative listening and playing of instrumental music, as well as listening to internally perceived sounds are aspects of Nada yoga. The joy experienced when playing music and tones, is a door to the quality of heart of and has great healing power. Sounds and music contact us on a level that is barely touched by other modes of exercise. Often people – experience completely untrained and musical lay – by simple singing and tones, or listening to music and sounds a deep touch of soul. Many describe this experience as a feeling of harmony and oneness of harmony with themselves and with what surrounds them. In Nada yoga, the mind by focusing on the sound is capable, finer vibration levels”to perceive and to connect with them. The Nada yoga practice is about, to not allow an authentic expression of voice, to adjust to external ideals. Each voice is unique and not similar to other voices.

Their sound is authentic and appealing, if the heart resonates. By sensing the body spaces, the playful discovery of sounds and the perception of the vibrations of the body, all resonant rooms harmoniously can be integrated in the tone of voice. The singing you feel to come with your own voice in line and so internally to itself. The Yoga vision 2010 Nada yoga in the Gerode monastery 20 24.5.2010 opened a creative space for the deep experience of Yoga and sound with chanting, mantra recitation, Indian music and sound work. Nada Yoga is the move to the inner sound, we can see in the silence of meditation. Sounds, mantras and Indian music are an audible expression of these fine inner vibrations that touch our hearts. Venue: European College for Yoga and therapy ECYT monastery in Gerode/south Harz, D-37345 Gerode,, Tel. 036072-8200 Tip: The event is also a specialist training and is promoted with an education award of the Federal Ministry for science and research. For more information see Dr. Erika Schaller

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