Neymar Germany

of the other side the celestial one resurges, the first world-wide champions with the baton of the Forlan leader who is more seeming Enzo Francescoli and turning the owner the teams, but this film has the good friend of the principal actor, who makes almost everything for it without taking many credits, but the happy end depends and passes for it, Luizito Suares, the nine of the Uruguay who in it I finish moment seemed to be the villain, when placing the new hand of Dos for preventing the hunger goal, but it finished being the rescuer and if it sacrificed for the teams, if it played in front of the shot for preventing that its native land suffered. thus with madness and champion luck certain in the previsible world of the soccer, the celestial one advances with airs of zebra in Africa. what to speak of the young Germany, an experienced teams, the majority of the players had been in the good campaign of 2006, the third place, only losing for the current champion and disillusionment of the pantry Italy. A teams who came without ostentation, but in the first game very showed to its business card a teams technician who erra hardly mortal in the one against attack, that only made two bad games, both that had not counted on the artilleryman: Klose, that has a Muller substituting the height, or better, a Balack. That it has a player inspired by Beckenbaue. Schweinsteiger seems to take the teams as the greater dolo of Germany, seems that it attended the steps of dolo well and tries to its way to be so shining how much. But if the judge had given the goal of Lampard, the generation of the teams of the dreams of the English with Gerrad, Terry, Rooney, would have obtained to show that it was not dream and yes reality? Now a twisted one of 180 million Brazilians twists so that any election gains little Holland. always goes to exist the question: if the Goose and the Neymar were? if Brazil earned?

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