Nisterau Ulrike Peter Tel

So is Michael Arnold since April 2007 for finance, controlling and business development responsible, supporting company founder Marco Di Filippo, which strengthened technical services as well as marketing & sales. VisuKom 2008 are still important strategic steps in planning new look also 2008, to continue its growth. Thus was laid the Foundation and increased nationwide presence on fairs, road shows and special events, which should provide greater customer proximity, supplemented with a new website and a new corporate identity. “Marco Di Filippo explains: it was time to replace the look of founder times and to adapt our philosophy, forward-looking, creative and innovative, but still consistently to meet the market.” With the addition of ICT security & solutions”in the corporate identity is communicated outside the complete field of activity after. Brief description: VisuKom Germany GmbH founded in 1996 VisuKom Germany GmbH Headquartered in Stegaurach near Bamberg is a service company that specializes in the field of security consulting. The company offers a wide range of services in the field of ICT (information and communication technology)-security. The core competencies lie in on the examination by the ICT network infrastructure vulnerabilities and detect and address existing vulnerabilities using IT/TK-penetration testing and individual Securityaudits.

Special focus (E.g. based on IEEE 802.11(x) and Bluetooth) VisuKom inter alia on uncovering vulnerabilities of modern media such as telephone and fax networks (PBX, PSTN and VoIP) and wireless networks for mobile communication. The services range from development to testing to implementation of security concepts in information technology and network technology and programming. Workshops and training courses round off the portfolio.

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