Here we would have to assess the design against the cost. 4. Option to expand and/or change information. normally at this point the web master or programmers, not mention us anything until the end of the meeting with a certainly that is not nothing nice, since a time that this placed and running if us we like something you have to pay more money by changing even if it is a paragraph, or in the best of cases pay a monthly fee to make changes if it is that we we need to be constantly updating our page. 5.-Quantity of pages and images. Most web services that offer you charge by the number of sheets or tabs that will have your also and also by the number of images, therefore must make a balance that is so necessary for our future clients have everything a catalog of 70 pages online Yes to 5 already is aburrioonly going to charge us more and will have the same function.

6 Care and technical support. To my personally me after the voyage which curse to get here, it seems that this point is of more important, since talking to programmers is to speak in Chinese, talk to designers is the focus the image and if you find a place where they speak your language and explain it to you so that you understand charge you expensivewell you can’t have everything in life, but apart from that you understand and you explain it is important that they are always behind ti apoyandote for any doubt or in our case by making changes, sometimes of last minute and urgent. 7 Slip speaks. Without lying to them, 70% of the people we visited didn’t have any form of guarantee you work, all you decian took so many years doing this and nobody has claimed me, that gives you confidence, but more confidence that you offer a service contract, which stipulates the obligations of each party, that if it is to give confidence and also the experience and the portfolio of work counts for a lot. These seven points to my seems to me that they are of the more basic to hire a service of website, there are many more, believe me, but these are they who to my made me decide I by a company, although they are not the most barateros are those who gave me the best service and guaranteed me the design and proper working of the site. I recommend them so that they do not pass a Odyssey as mine, but always investigate and compare, and as last recommendation, they always point everything what offer, or request a quote by I hope that this will be is.

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