As we all know now the competition is strong and with the current crises that afflict the world, everyone try to reduce costs and capture a number greater than clients of the market either national and international. the problem with this is that it is very difficult to be able to begin a business either by lack of resources or that in some countries the process is very complicated and this makes it almost impossible to be able to boot your negocio.yo I’m from Mexico, and as it is known the pending bureaucracy in this country unfortunately is very tedious but with a little patience and knowledge I could accomplish much. The first thing I advise as emprendeor is as follows: anyone who is the business that you want to open has to like that that you’re going to spend much of your time and life. Not do it for money do it for pleasure. already is that the aim of work is generating money for a life more comfortable or just to give us all that tastes that want to but as I said before, if you do do you it with taste and also gives you the pleasure of generating money better longer than that you will be more productive remember that everything we do with passion comes out better. Since you know What will be your turn dedicate some time to investigate tax laws that apply to your business in your country, this is very important and delicate as you can take very unpleasant surprises.

What remains is to establish the name of your business, this is very important and delicate as it is with what you’re going to give out, you have to design a name, logo, stationery letterheads etc. all this must be unified to a larger impact, must give strength to your brand and be shocking towards, market that you want to go, the proper use and handling of fonts and colors is of vital importance because if you have a business of food is not recommended use dirty as the gray for example colors because psychologically that color denotes dirt. Choose the type of investment you are going to be must be a priority since it is no use one mega Office if you do not have the resources to keep it you can start with little and hence grow but first thing is looking for customers because they are those who will maintain. The next point is important and here is where you enter the more in-depth marketing, at this point because you know you’re going to dedicate you know the fiscal conditions, have your logo and stationery and your capital, but what about the competition. Example if your business is a stationery not going to put near an industrial area but what happens if you put it near a school at a point where you have no competition example sounds simple, but you have to take a reasonable amount of time to think about these details since if you do you could be on the verge of losing your entire investment by the time I say goodbye and good luck with your project in shortly I will continue giving more details to finish with this article.

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