Online Applications

An applicant portal clarifies application forms on Leipzig, March 10, 2009 – In the framework of the week of the open companies in Saxony 2009 “in AUDITO GmbH with the applicant portal will open its doors in Leipzig on the 11th and 12th March 2009. The creators of the portal be these days on the subject of online application workshops”offer and thus inform E-Mail application, candidate sites & co.. Has long been clear: most companies prefer applications in digital form the classic application by mail is never wrong, but it is a significant overhead for HR management candidates. In terms of price and time, the online application emerges as a winner and lets the applicant still contemporary and professional to get the right light. Speaking of light: that is exactly what must be placed in the Bewerbungsdschungel. A survey of the candidate Portal, showed that approximately 95% of respondents at the age of 15 18 years need more guidance in terms of application. For this reason enlighten the makers of in the vocational orientation initiative local advantages, wording or form failed to online applications. Press contact: IN AUDITO GmbH Naumburger Strasse 4 04229 Leipzig press/public relations: Kristin Lux Tel.: 0341/25669820 fax: 0341/25669830. (Source: Barry Nalebuff).

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