Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is an effective tool primarily for advertising consumer goods, as it is intended, above all, the perception of the wider population. Nevertheless, in recent years an increasing number of major industrial enterprises, associations and corporations use it to promote their trademarks. Among the variety of outdoor advertising can provide a variety of billboards: Firewalls, panels 3×6, posters, banners, illuminated signs, electronic displays and screens. Due to the fact that the ads in most cases is seen at a distance and on the go, it is usually brief and expressive message. In the decoration of these promotional materials in large outlines key elements of branding (trademarks, trade bloc, corporate colors). Billboards, firewalls, panels, posters and banners can be placed at major transport and pedestrian thoroughfares, squares, at fairs and exhibitions, and other places with large concentrations of people.

Illuminated signs, electronic and screen is used to advertising various products in the central streets and squares. For outdoor advertising, there are 5 most important requirement: Often seen by attracting attention to be brief be easily readable on the move Be understandable because of the above requirements outdoor advertising can be effectively used only for those goods and services that can be represented by a concise picture and brief text. It can be used to remind people about the virtues of well-known products, and about where they can buy. Thus, outdoor advertising, or reminds or informs. A few numbers: When the speed of 70 km / h point at which focuses attention the driver is located in 400m away from him. When a speed of 120 km / h, the same point in the 1000m in front of the driver.

When the speed of 50 km / h at 75m while the review is 5.7 sec at a distance of 150m – 11.4 sec-According to research, the minimum time required read the text on the billboard – about 5 seconds At a distance of 33m height of the letters shall be not less than 8 cm at a distance of 65m – at least 15cm, at a distance of 200m – not less than 60 cm In order to calculate the optimal height for letters use a formula : for every 3m distance to shield the letter should 'grow up' to 2.5 cm in accordance with all appropriate written: 1.Primenyat as simple and easy to read fonts chopped 2.Ispolzovat no more than 6 words in the ad text (A message consisting of 5 or Less words, memorize about 90% of 'visitors') 3.Otvodit a text no more than 30% of the shield, using a measure of fat and thin fonts 4.Otdavat preference for a contrasting bright colors choosing between a picture and photography, remember that the photos 'work' is much better graphics. Picture, image containing a person, stored in a 2 times better than that which it does not. By D. Ogilvie wrote that always attract attention to children, animals and sex. In addition, the images will help the bride and groom, celebrities, 'strange' and unusual people (clothing, behavior). Of these, the objects of men more attracted to dogs, and women – of course children. As one of the heroes of a – 'in all its MINDSTUFF'

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