Pforzheim Data

Because this distinction create a significant multiple overhead in data maintenance. Xoom has much experience in this field. Also, it is never clear without a complete responsibility who work with data of high or low quality. The companies are well aware of the problem. After all, they call exactly these two aspects (higher costs and inconsistent data quality) most the question after the negative consequences of data autonomy. But also unclear procedures for the reduction of the error rate identified by the vast majority of companies with a restrictive policy for decentralized data storage. Also, no common tools for the automated maintenance can be used according to 46 percent of those surveyed. Additional effects of this separation, half calls that the company in the use of marketing potential mess unnecessary restraints and isolation tendencies of the divisions are reinforced.

Many will be borne in mind, that Customer data are very dynamic, because they constantly change”admits Kraus. All changes are merged Central, also the timeliness improved significantly.” In his eyes, the companies are therefore facing the need first to make a consolidation of all customer data in the interests of data quality and secondly to develop processes that ensure a uniformly high level of quality across all existing databases across then. Customer and material master data have a tremendously high value after private confession of almost all companies, but still little is often done sufficiently to protect these values and can be used to make”, criticized Kraus. About Omikron: The Omikron data quality GmbH ( headquartered in Pforzheim, Germany is one of the leading German companies in the area of data quality in customer and material master data. Omikron analyzed and revised existing data, can then with the Omikron data quality data quality server in SOA environments continuously – used to ensure by the duplicate check up out to the sanction list matching.

Omikron supports companies to take full advantage of the valuable potential of their data banks. Today, the internationally active company accompanied the lifecycle of data quality.

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