Pierre Brice

Geronimo is a reality. Winnetou is reality. “, once the time wrote. On the design of the character Karl May has to testify Schmiedt & colleagues already at the beginning of his literary work mid-70s of the 19th century until his last novel in 1909 over three decades across worked. In a look at the workshop of the writer reveals a veritable development of Winnetou from archaic scalp Hunter to the Edelmenschen a literary Genesis, which is probably still unknown Pierre Brice, and many others.

In the narrative of old Firehand (1875), the figure for the first time presented the readers world. Winnetou calls is several times the first-person narrator who is an early form of Old Shatterhand figure, his brother, has but more a lehrerhaftes than a really friendly relationship with him. It mentioned common adventures with wild bison and hostile Indians. Although the figure is not further described, may presents the Apaches as older man who taught his young white friend in the arts of the West. In this narrative, Winnetou is a noble savage, whereby the emphasis is certainly on Wilder. So collects He the scalps of his enemies, inhaled the smoke from cigars after Indian way, then swallowed the stub and scares before the railway, even though he is otherwise characterised by bravery. However, already isolated nobler traits make up are also in this story at Winnetou.

So shatters the friendship with old Firehand not on failed advertising of Winnetou to the Chief’s daughter, Mira. The story is other one entirely, as alias played Terence Hill by Pierre Brice and Karin Dor in conjunction with Mario Girotti on the movie screen. Only 17 years old and many stories later I will Edelindianer, who committed to the good and not to collect the scalps of his enemies from Winnetou in the Roman Winnetou (1892) final. He was finally so, as Pierre Brice played him and how millions of readers and movie fans want to see him.

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