Preparatory Stage

Participation in the exhibition – an important marketing event, rather significant not only in monetary terms, but also for labor, so it is very important to prepare for the "professional conduct. Every day we are confronted with exhibitors and we know that before the show, exhibitors have a great future stress event is always – and the first and the twentieth time, is an important and exciting. It is therefore important at all stages of preparation for exhibition to follow a specific algorithm. This will avoid errors, do not waste your time, money and hassle. All organizational issues will be divided into 3 types, time: In the period before the show during the exhibition At the end of Let us show in this paper is a very important stage – the stage of preliminary preparation for the exhibition.

So, what and in what order to do after the decision to participate in the exhibition made and signed the contract for Participation with the organizers? Planning concept and create a project of exhibition equipment, which will decorate our booth. Choosing a professional firm to prepare your booth. Do this for 3 months before the event. This time you have enough to work out ideas with the designer mobile stand, to clarify the concept, to make himself stand with print graphic panels. At the same time preparing all other printed materials – catalogs, flyers, booklets and brochures. Every visitor who come to our stand, must carry with them information about products and services of our company.

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