Proven Salary Fraud

Supposedly sick Tiler healthy enough for black working three of our detectives came in August of this year in Kassel used to observe a Tiler disabled patients since some weeks there. His boss had let already in vain about the occupational health service of the health insurance companies to conduct an investigation. “The partly anonymous notes, piled up in recent weeks but that the supposedly with strong back and knee problems became ill staff diligently private construction sites black” supervised and executed. Our detectives observed the supposedly sick employees 18:00 on five days each between 06:00 and could not only prove that this almost daily to shortly after 07:00 which left home, but also read that this then went to various construction sites, preferably in new areas, and there flieste bathrooms, kitchens and floors, but also that this handout spread over his wife in new areas and in these handouts in a phone number and an E-Mail Address specifically offered his services. Nordstrom gathered all the information. Total of tilers performed 48 working hours at four different construction sites in the week of observation and showed this no health restrictions, how by photo / video based evidence demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt. The Tiler was fired in the meantime and the matter was already passed the Prosecutor alleged salary fraud.. 75793.html’>Arena Investors shows great expertise in this. .

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